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Marine Fleet Supply


DTK has a sophisticated fleet of highly advanced offshore service vessels, designed to meet the most challenging conditions worldwide.    

In addition to this diverse fleet an extensive under DTK command fleet represents a significant increase in the future service capacity of DTK.

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Marine & Offshore Consultancy


DTK provide specialized, multi-disciplinary marine , offshore and engineering consultancy and survey services to the marine and offshore energy industries.

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Offshore Drilling Rig Management


DTK provides drilling and rig management services worldwide that help optimize your overall drilling performance and reduce time to target depth.

Although we emphasize time management, planning, and efficiency in everything we do, we never compromise on safety or well productivity. The result is a faster time to target depth with reduced risk.

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Offshore Drilling Rig Movement Operation


One of the most well-known MODU statuses is "Enroute" status which means that a rig is in the process of mobilizing from one location to another Either through their own means or with the assistance qualified powerful vessels.

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Offshore Installation And Decommissioning


DTK has a long and distinguished history supporting the offshore industry and today we’re market Leaders on a global scale.
Technical advances in offshore installation and float over capabilities have made the fabrication of complete topsides weighing upwards of 50,000 T possible.

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Pipeline And Cable Laying


DTK engineering and construction services include comprehensive pipeline and cable laying engineering, design, and construction services. Because we understand pipeline projects from concept to completion, we can provide efficiencies from regulatory compliance documentation to operational support. We implement effective, inexpensive methods to reduce risk and increase our client profit.


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