Offshore Drilling Rig Movement Operation   

One of the most well-known MODU statuses is "Enroute" status which means that a rig is in the process of mobilizing from one location to another Either through their own means or with the assistance of qualified powerful vessels.

Rigs travel between locations in a particular offshore field or between regions across the globe.                                       

DTK have performed movement a MODU in three categories:

  • Field moves
  • Area moves
  • Long/international moves

Dry Tow


DTK have performed dry tows of Jack-up rigs for several of the largest rig owners. Our experience and long track record within this marked makes us the preferred supplier for our customers.We are able to provide speed, reliability and flexibility in combination with experienced land organization and crew. DTK has some of the fastest vessels in the market with the best motion characteristics.


Wet Tow 


Utilize the expertise of hands-on professionals who are onsite at locations, our under command tugs, MWS and all QHSE factors have been encouraged the customers to call DTK for wet tow operation.   Our client will get expert recommendations and strong results from a dynamic team that is fully trained in all modes of infield transportation and reliable operation.





Drilling rig operations are high-cost activities requiring rapid deployments and minimal downtime.  DTK offers expert drilling rig and vessel positioning services that are both cost and time efficient. Accurate site information to conduct these operations, fully certified tug boats, DP system and DTK professional teams are essential to successful offshore positioning. These ensure a quick, cost-effective response to calls for offshore positioning of drilling rigs.in addition to above the DTK is pleased to provide best level of engineering method/punch trough analysis and location approval approved by famous brand classification in the world.


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